About Us

We are Enchlothe

Enchlothe.com a subsidiary of the Enchlothe Group Pty Ltd. Was Established in 2021 and thereof started as a multi-vendor store that carried out orders for other fashion houses. Empowering small businesses that could not afford to have online presence and marketing. And today has transformed to a producing business itself. With original ideas and original designs. Collaboration has become our greatest strength, allowing other businesses to share our online presence and our marketing tools.


We have recently opened our door to allow collaborations and we urge everyone to contact us with any collaboration idea that can benefit both our company and themselves.

Business hours

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Monday  8am – 6pm

Tuesday  8am – 6pm

Wednesday  8am – 6pm

Thursday  8am – 6pm

Friday  8am – 6pm

Saturday  8am – 6pm

Easy To Contact Us

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Starting Point

June 2020

We are founded

Started out as a Multi-Vendor store allowing all our partners to sell on our website


December 2021

In-House Designs

We designed 1st Enchlothe original designs and started moving the company private removing few vendors that supplied poor quality products and replaced them with our best quality designs and clothes.

Current Position

December 2023

Collaboration & Influencing

After the second Enchlothe designs, An initiative of collaborating with other brands and Influencers was implemented. For better reach and cost effective marketing. Enchlothe opened doors of collaborations with any Fashion Designer, Models, Influencers and any other Brands to collaborate on designs.